Increase your Wealth Vibration


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If you Want to Become a Money Magnet you must use a Money Magnet.

The Money Magnet is a high quality professional grade magnetic instrument designed and manufactured in Europe that has been infused with a energetic frequency using our proprietary protocol, combining 21st Century technology And Quantum Physics.

Using the Money Magnet on the four major energy points on the hands and feet has shown to help support and increase the vibrational frequency of abundance in our energy field.

There is no other authentic Money Magnet that has been infused with our energetic technology of quantum physics on the market today.



Certified Money Therapist


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Become a “Certified Money Therapist” in less than 30 days using our exclusive Money Magnet Modalities and Training and start generating a cash flow business of your own.

Because we are working with magnets and the bio energy field and not body or muscle manipulation work like massage therapy, you do not need any massage training or experience as a body therapist.

With our exclusive 4 Step Energy Protocol System, you help your clients raise their wealth consciousness and recalibrate their energy field to reflect the natural organic frequency of abundance we were all born with in our DNA in a 30 minute to 60 minute relaxing session that includes a warm organic eye pillow, aromatherapy of E Oils and E Water and the application of the Money Magnet on the four energy points on the hands and feet.

Certification can be done live in one of our weekend events, on line and zoom training.

The Money Magnet Therapist Certification Training program teaches you the exclusive Money Magnet protocol, how to start and operate your Money Magnet business as a Certified Money Magnet Therapist, how to find and locate customers, how to price your services, legal documents and forms and continual training for one year.

What would change in your life with an extra two or three thousand dollars coming in from your Money Magnet Therapist Business?

The entire course including all training, support, manuals and Certification.