About Money Magnet

Money Magnet is for Everyone

There is only one way and one way only to permanently fix the financial shortage, struggle and lack in our life and that is by raising our “Wealth Consciousness”.  Now, there are many paths, protocols and systems to raise our Wealth Consciousness but it’s the developing and raising our Wealth Consciousness which is the great Secret to Financial Freedom.

The majority of mankind lives under the false belief that hard work, a certain economy, location, a product, service, network, training, skills, and marketing are the core and foundational elements to create financial success in our lives.  And although, all these components are important and play and over all role in our accumulation of wealth, we know this is not the Secret to riches.  Many people who are at the right place at the right time, have the right skills, are in the right business, location, have the right product and service including a proper network and get Rich and others with the exact same conditions do not become Rich.  We know these elements are not the guarantee of financial success.

The Secret to Financial Prosperity is developing and Raising Your Wealth Consciousness.  But the question is, how do we do this?  We are excited to introduce you to the world’s first and authentic “Money Magnet” that works to support and help you develop your Wealth Consciousness through Quantum Physics.

Many use the affirmation “I Am A Money Magnet” and there was even a song written about being a Money Magnet.  However, until now, there has been no actual magnet designed especially for the attraction of money based on the energy points in the body, our bio energy field and quantum physics.

Introducing the first ever “Money Magnet” that combines magnet therapy, energy point therapy that has been fused with proprietary software to infuse the magnet with the harmonic frequency of wealth and abundance.  Using a high grade, professionally designed magnet tool, that has been infused with an Intentional Money Frequency placed on certain energy points on the body brings your energy field into frequency of wealth and abundance.

The Money Magnet goes far beyond magnetic therapy (which is designed for health benefits) and moves into the energy field of Quantum Physics to raise our Wealth Consciousness.  The Money Magnet is based on Quantum Physics not Metaphysics.


How the Money Magnet Works

Quantum Physics

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world”.  How did He know?  Science once again has proven that the human body emits more light than the Sun!

The Quantum Physics patterns we infuse in the Money Magnet using our proprietary system reconstructs or rearrange your energy field and patterns to their original or organic state of abundance.

The Money Magnet acts like a “Magnetic Money Intention Machine”.   But like any advanced technology or tool, you must understand it and know how to use it to produce the results you desire.

As a board certified Reflexologist, were trained on the specific energy points on the body, that are located on the bottom of your feet and in the middle of your hands.

These 4 major energy points are the energy portals that tap into the energy field of unlimited supply.  This is one reason the Bible talks about God’s people will inherit the land they put their foot on and that He gives their hands the power to create wealth.

When using the Money Magnet on these four wealth energy vortex sites on the hands and feet, not only do you open those sites to have unrestricted energy flow, but it greatly enhances your development and raising of your Wealth Consciousness.



DNA Money Magnet

This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart For example, the human anatomy is made up of energy, but when the soul or spirit (a much higher form of energy frequency) leaves the body, the body reverts back to ashes which is yet another form of manifested energy.

Magnetic therapy is a powerful from of a modality that millions have have experienced wonderful health benefits from.  What we did with the Money Magnet is took its foundational body (magnetism) and infuse it with Intentional Energy to change its energy field structure and give it its own unique DNA of prosperity.

It can also be viewed as the essence, spirit or soul of the magnet.  Just like our spirit, soul or essence gives life to our body,  the infused energetic frequency of money gives the Money Magnet life or better put “Light”.